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Symposium 1.
Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke (Nov. 16)
Name Hans-Christoph Diener
Affiliation University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Presentation Title What are RCTs on new anticoagulants saying?
Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke (Nov. 16)
Name Yining Huang
Affiliation Peking University First Hospital, China
Presentation Title TBA
Symposium 2.
What's Hot in Basic Stroke Research (Nov. 16) Plenary Session 1 (Nov. 16)
Name Eng Lo
Affiliation Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Presentation Title - Translational targets in neuroprotection and stroke
- Biphasic mechanisms in the neurovascular unit
Symposium 3.
Neurocritical Care in Acute Stroke (Nov. 16)
Name Gene Sung
Affiliation USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital, USA
Presentation Title Hypothermia after cardiac arrest. so called "anoxia from arrest; giant stroke"
Neurocritical Care in Acute Stroke (Nov. 16)
Name Hiroaki Naritomi
Affiliation National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Osaka ,Japan
Presentation Title Management of progressive lacunar stroke: STOP BAD "Study for treatment, overt signs and pathophysiology of branch atheromatous disease"
Evening Symposium 2.
Evening Symposium 2 (Nov. 16)
Symposium 6. BP and Lipid in Stroke (Nov. 17)
Name Michiel L Bots
Affiliation Julius Center for Health Sciences Primary Care,
University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
Presentation Title - From the past and promises for the future for carotid intima-media thickness
- Lipid lowering, atherosclerosis progression, and recurrent stroke
Symposium 5.
Acute Stroke Treatment (Nov. 17)
Plenary Session 2 (Nov. 17)
Name Steven Warach
Affiliation Southwestern Medical Center, USA
Presentation Title - The uses of MRI to direct acute stroke management
- Approaches to expanding the indications for thrombolytic stroke therapy
Acute Stroke Treatment (Nov. 17)
Name Mark Parsons
Affiliation John Hunter Hospital, Australia
Presentation Title Tenecteplase trial result
Symposium 6.
BP and Lipid in Stroke (Nov. 17)
Name Yukito Shinohara
Affiliation Tachikawa Hospital, Japan
Presentation Title The primary and secondary stroke prevention in
dyslipidemic patients in Japan
BP and Lipid in Stroke (Nov. 17)
Name Craig Anderson
Affiliation University of Sydney, Australia
Presentation Title What's new in hypertension management in stroke? -
measurement, variability and timing
Symposium 7.
Post-stroke Functional Reorganization (Nov. 17)
Name Ichiro Miyai
Affiliation Morinomiya Hospital, Osaka, Japan
Presentation Title Clinical application of functional NIRS for stroke