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Call for Abstract
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The Scientific Committee of the International Conference STROKE UPDATE 2012 invites all interested individuals to submit abstracts for Scientific & Poster Presentation of the Meeting. Abstracts should be submitted through only on-line abstract submission system. All abstracts must be submitted in English.
Scientific Session Topics
Acute Management & Prognosis of Stroke
Pathophysiology of Stroke
Interventional Neuroradiology
Risk Factors and Primary Prevention of Stroke
Secondary Prevention of Stroke
Rehabilitation & Restorative Therapy in Stroke
Presentation Type
When submitting abstracts, the submitter is required to select the presentation type as Oral, Poster or Either.

Submission Guidelines
  • All abstracts must be submitted via the conference website ONLY. Abstract sent by fax or e-mail will not be accepted.
  • All abstracts should be written in English.
  • Please use the sample form for your abstract which is available on the website.
  • It is the responsibility of the presenting author and the submitter to review the submission status & information and correct them. Submitters are responsible for any typo error in the abstract.
  • The presenting author's name should be underlined.
  • The abstract should be limited to;
    ∙ 400 words (text only)
    ∙ 300 words and 1 image or table
  • The abstracts should be organized according to the each abstract form.
  • The font should be fixed as size 12.
  • An acknowledgement of the receipt of the abstract submission will be sent automatically to the submitter by e-mail upon the on-line submission.
  • It is recommended for the oral presenters to submit their CV after abstract review. Please submit your CV via the conference website after checking your review result. (Optional)

Important Dates
Call for Abstract
August 15, 2012
Abstract Submission Due
September 17, 2012
CV Submission Due
October 5, 2012
Early Registration Due
October 21, 2012
Contact for Abstract
For any inquiries the regarding the abstract submissions, please contact the conference Secretariat.
Secretariat for the International Conference STROKE UPDATE 2012
c/o LS Communications